Areas of Interest


The Human Torpor Fund is making grants to qualified applicants in the following areas of interest:

Inducing Sustained Low-Metabolic States in Humans
  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition
  • Medical Devices
  • Robotics
  • Garments
Hardware & Software for the Personal sleeping “Pod” and its systems
  • Advanced, autonomous medical systems
Hardware & Software for the Habitat and its engineering systems
Novel therapeutic applications

Sourcing Grantmaking Opportunities


We use a variety of ways to explore and refine grant concepts.

Direct solicitation.

When we know that an organization is well-suited to perform the work, we directly solicit an early phase concept memo or proposal.


In some cases, we invite one or more organizations to discuss the concept with us and explore their interest and their capacity to undertake the work. If the organization has the expertise, capacity, and interest, we will invite them to submit a concept memo or proposal.

Request for proposal (RFP):

When we want to broaden our network or fund multiple organizations for a project, we may issue an RFP. Public RFPs are posted on our website; private RFPs are directed to specific organizations.

Grant Structures


We structure grants in a way that makes sense from a financial perspective while also funding partners for the cost of delivering results, supported by open and honest dialogue about the resources required. As grant proposals are developed, we try to gain a complete and accurate understanding of the total cost to execute the project efficiently and effectively. Ownership of intellectual property and product royalties are subject to negotiation.

How to Apply for a Grant


Any current Request for Proposals (RFPs) will be posted here with a link to the documentation.

We also accept unsolicited proposals.