What We Do

We Manage a Non-Profit Fund and Serve as Fiduciaries for Our Donors


With the technical expertise and fund management skill-sets of our Board and Team, we accept gifts and manage these funds in a traditional and professional grant making and investment management format.

Frame Grantmaking Strategy


Following our 3+ years of experience and NASA-funded research, we have developed a detailed plan for the work which needs to be completed to achieve our goals. This roadmap also serves as the guideline for our grantmaking criteria and evolves as needed, based on the evaluation of the outcomes of our Grantee’s work.

Make and Monitor Grants


The Human Torpor Fund (HTF) directly solicits or oversees requests for proposals, evaluates Grantees and their proposed work, and negotiates the terms of the grant. Following an agreement on terms of services in exchange for the grant funding, the work commences and is monitored throughout the study period by the HTF.

Evaluate and Report Results


The HTF evaluates and reports results of the studies to its donors, incorporates the work into the design analysis, and then revises the Plan as needed.

Public Advocacy


The Human Torpor Fund serves as leaders in advancing the global Torpor community in an open source manner.  We bring together professionals from the fields of medicine, technology, and engineering to support this important effort.